The Classical Gymnasium of St Petersburg, School #610
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The Classical Gymnasium of St Petersburg, School #610

The Classical Gymnasium of St Petersburg, School 610

The Classical Gymnasium of St Petersburg (#610), founded in 1989, operates as a state-affiliated education facility. The school offers a free education to students with qualifying scores on our entrance exams. Our program runs from 5th to 11th grade, and each grade consists of two sections that offer a choice between a concentration in English or German.

Our aim is to recreate the educational program and pedagogical strategies of the classical gymnasiums that operated prior to the Russian Revolution. The core of our academic program is the compulsory study of the classical languages (Latin and Ancient Greek), two contemporary languages (English and German) as well as mathematics. To ensure that every student receives a classical education we offer a single set curriculum for all students. The founding principle of the institution is «teaching the skills of learning» meaning every student develops critical thinking skills and receives support in the search for knowledge. To foster analytical thinking skills, we devote a significant amount of time to classical languages and mathematics. These disciplines are particularly useful in intellectual development due to the necessity to thoroughly understand logical structures. Along with the critical thinking skills nourished by the study of classical languages, students are exposed to the foundation of European civilization and culture.

The gymnasium adheres to all government standards and guidelines. Our curriculum supplements an ordinary education, ensuring that our students receive a superior education. Our strategy forces students to focus a great deal of time on a limited number of subjects which promotes true progress and deep exploration. Elective courses for students are available in the following subjects: drama, mathematics, modern languages, painting, and art history along with excursions related to these fields. On our website there are detailed descriptions of our academic program and thorough subject-by-subject descriptions for those interested in finding out more (only in Russian). One of the primary goals is to attract an accomplished faculty of specialists. Many of our teachers are also instructors at St Petersburg State University and the Russian Academy of Science.

If you still have any questions, feel free to direct them to Sergey Vladimirovich Buryachko, the principal of our school. Or explore our website in Russian.